HF Radio

This web shop project features:HFRadio

  • Upgrade from Joomla 1.0
  • Shopping cart using 'eshop'
  • Tutorials and video user guide
  • Mobile friendly template - customised by user
  • Joomla web hosting

hfradio.com.au - HF Radio & Antenna Systems Brisbane Australia


Tabernacle of David

This web site features:tabernacleofdavid

  • Customised Joomla Template
  • Smart phone friendly design
  • Integration with mailchimp and eventbrite
  • Shopping cart (eshop) to process regular and digital download orders



Well Body and Spirit

This web site features:wellbodyandspirit

  • Customised Joomla Template
  • Shopping Cart - E-Shop

Thanks to team member Robert for his work on the site. 



Hotel At Home

This web site features: hotelathome

  • Upgrade of Virtuemart store from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5
  • Installation and customisation of new template
  • Setup of coupon system
  • Customisation of Invoice Generation

Thanks to team member Anneke for her part in making this web site. 

hotelathome.net - Luxury Hotel Linen for your home!


Car Seat Covers Direct

Car Seat Covers Direct make car seat covers for most major car makes and models and deliver affordably and efficiently across Australia. This car seat cover web site features:carseatcoversdirect2

  • Customised VM2 template 
  • Virtuemart product slideshow (organised by brand of car)
  • Mobile friendly template
  • Joomla Web Hosting

carseatcoversdirect.com.au - Custom-made Car Seat Covers - Dandenong Designs


Kidu - online toy shop

This online toy shop features:kidu online store

  • Customised Joomla Template
  • Virteumart 2 powered cart
  • Australian Joomla Hosting
  • User instructions to help the sites owner manage and update products

Thanks to team member Robert for his work on this site. 

kidu.com.au - dinosaur and pirate toys Melbourne


Elegant Living and Lighting

This e-commerce web site selling lamps, lights and ceiling fans features:elegant living and lighting

  • Customised Joomla template
  • Product slideshow
  • Virtuemart template 



Pablos Bird Toys E-commerce

This web store features:pablos bird toy shop

  • Customised Joomla Template and Virtuemart 2 Template
  • Newsletter component
  • Instructions and support for managing the site
  • Hefty product zoom 'lense' 

pablosbirdtoys.com.au - Bird toys Melbourne


Supertrim - Car Seat Covers

supertrimWe did not design the web site template for this store. Instead we simply:

  • Installed and configured a VM2 theme
  • Setup a number of products and categories
  • Provided instructions for the client to manage the virtuemart store

supertrim.com.au - Neoprene Car Seat Covers