Be Insured Against Hacking

Web site hacking is an increasingly disruptive problem.

Small to medium sized web sites like yours are often targeted by hackers targeting web sites to send out spam and even to create fake bank login pages for criminal purposes.
Getting a hacked web site fixed can set you back by $100-250.

Get Your Web Site Insured!

We now offer a hacker insurance package.

Hacker insurance offers you peace of mind and includes:

  • Free scan of infected web site: Full web site restoration if hacked during the year (valued at $100+)
  • Increased security measures where needed.
  • Security recomendations where applicable

Four our hosted clients, the insurance package costs $50 per year for business web sites, $40 per year for community/not-for-profit web sites.

Bulk discounts are available for those hosting multiple web sites.

FAQ about the Insurance Package

 How can you guarantee that the site won’t be hacked.
No, we are not guaranteeing that the site won't be hacked - we are simply saying that we will take preventative measures and if the site gets hacked, we will restore it for free. Normally, we would charge $70-$200+ to restore a hacked site depending on the severity of the situation, and other providers / developers would usually charge similar or higher rates.

What does the insurance actually cover?
Free detection of hacked files and restoration of a hacked web site. When hackers attack a site, they tend to hide malicious files deep in the code, and it takes us several hours to fix. Hacked web sites tend to experience recurring issues, and we would cover any recurring web site hacking and also work to block any renewed attacks on the web site.

If we did take out the insurance and still got hacked, what would be the compensation?
Basically it is not a standard insurance package in the sense of getting compensation - it is an insurance in the sense that you know that we will look out for your web site and that there will be no future expenses if you ever get hacked.