Convert Existing Site to Joomla

Converting an existing web site to Joomla is easier said than done. I specialise in converting sites to Jmeaningful-change2oomla and can ensure your site has a smooth transition to Joomla.

My Joomla site conversions include:

  • Customising a template to match your original design
  • Improvements to site if needed
  • Protection of existing search engine ranking
    Site rankings are easily lost when one converts a site to Joomla - resulting in less visitors to your site. However, I use advanced redirects to ensure that your existing Google ranking gets maintained and the new pages are picked up in Google's search engine.
  • Complete user instructions provided
  • Latest version of Joomla guaranteed

Contact me using the form on the left for a free quote for converting your site to Joomla's excellent content management system.