Joomla Security Updates Service

Several times a year, the Joomla team release critical security updates which are designed to help keep your Joomla installation protected from hacker attacks. It is highly recommended that your web site is constantly updated with the latest Joomla updates.

A recent survey of 9771 hacked web sites, found that 86% of hacked Joomla web sites were behind on these vital security updates.Joomla update service

If you are unable / uncomfortable with installing these updates yourself - then we can offer you the following service:

  • Joomla Core Updates Installation service
  • Ongoing and automated Backups of your Joomla installation
  • Basic site monitoring against hacker attacks
  • Advice regarding major Joomla updates

Cost: $75 per year or FREE for 1 web site per hosting account registered with us. 

What if my Joomla web site gets hacked?

Sometimes Joomla web sites that are fully up-to-date with security patches, still get hacked. This can occur via a variety of causes including:

  • weak passwords
  • general server security lapses
  • hackers having got in earlier leaving the backdoor to your web site open with some corrupted files in your Joomla installation. 

If you have a hacked Joomla web site, feel free to contact us for a free evaluation and quote for fixing your web site. We will not only fix your web site, but also tighten its general security to prevent future attacks. 

Our quotes includes two month guaranteed protection from further hacker attacks. If your web site experiences a recurring hacker issue within the two month period, we will resolve the issue for free.

Why do Joomla sites get hacked?

How do I sign up for the Joomla security updates package?

Simply fill in the form on the right and we will get in contact with you shortly to discuss the arrangements.