Scam alert: 'Mailbox service warning' email

One of the latest scams is the following email which claims that your mailbox is running out of space and that you can 'immediately upgrade your mail quota'.
It goes on to say 'this service is free of charge' and encourages you to click a link to a hacked web site.
Please do not click on any links in an email like this - and note that you will never receive an email with this exact wording from Cpanel or my hosting environment. 
If you are running out of disk space, I unfortunately can't offer you free extra disk space like this email claims to do - and most other providers would be the same!
If it is too good to be true, then it probably is! 

Original email:
Hi .....

Your mailbox quota is full. This may cause a malfunction in your mailbox or you may not be able to receive more e-mails. To continue using ......@...... , We recommend that you immediately upgrade your mailbox quota. This service is free of charge. 

Upgrade; ....@....

Note: Please note that if you choose not to upgrade your mailbox, Removal from will occur in exactly 48 hours (Date) from (Date/time)

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